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Google Recovery

Get out of Google punish and recover rankings
  • For sites with up to 5,000 total backlinks
  • Full links assessment
  • Manual link removal requests
  • Prepare Disavow file
  • Reconsideration requests
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!Google Penguin

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Google Recovery

Get out of Google punish and recover rankings
  • Unlimited total backlinks (Sale! 499$)
  • Full links assessment
  • Manual link removal requests
  • Prepare Disavow file
  • Reconsideration requests
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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What are Google actions against sites?

Google works hard on ranking websites in order to show users the best possible search results they can. For that, they use complicate algorithms and manual teams. In order to minimize low-quality sites from manipulating the search engine, they set the Google Webmaster Guidelines. According to it, buying unnatural links, using sneaky redirects, or writing contents especially for search engines are considered as a violation of the guidelines and manipulates the search results. The way to act against these sites is by penalizing them and not showing them on the first pages of Google, or even at all. All actions against sites are fully reversible.

How do I know if my site got penalized by Google?

The first signal of a Google action taken against sites is a massive drop in organic traffic. In a case of a manual action taken by the Google webspam team, a message will be sent to your Webmaster tools inbox, and will show under the Manual actions page. Another type of penalty is an algorithmic filter. In this case no message or alert will be sent. A combination of immediate traffic drop and low rankings in low competition, long-tail keywords will sign a 95% algorithmic action taken against your website.

How can you recover my site?

Using our vast experience in recovering penalized websites & SEO in general, we have all the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully do so. Experts team will analyze your site’s data and links profile to determine its links quality and health.  Sometimes on-page errors also relates to an action taken by Google, so we’ll review and send an on-page report to maximize website health and quality if needed. We’ll work on removing the penalty causes like spam links removal and using advanced tools such as the Webmaster Tools and the Google Disavow Tool . In some cases a reconsideration request will be needed and we’ll submit one as well. Depends on the penalty type and dept, recovery and traffic will return to normal gradually.

How many backlinks refer to my site?

Google tells us exactly how many links refer to our sites using Webmaster Tools. In your site’s dashboard go to “Links to Your Site” page, which is listed under “Search Traffic” section at the left hand sidebar. Total Links number will show at the top of this page.

What if you couldn't recover my site?

Google PenguinThen you’ll receive a 100% refund. In some rare cases, we encounter a website that Google insists on keeping under penalty. Although it is not relevant for 99% of sites, we insist that if we couldn’t deliver the job, we don’t want payment. No questions asked, period.

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We are going to get your website out of Google penalty. A-Z.

Manual Analysis and Reporting

Advanced quality analytics and progress reports of your site.

Complete Links Removal

Including manually removing spam links and other advanced techniques.

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Because you pay to get delivered. Or 100% refund will be sent.

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Fixed rate, quick and cheap service. Without compromising on quality.

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